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Best Seller Items are the most demanded/ordered Bags at Ecobag Suppliers Kenya.

The Non-Woven Bags for supermarket shopping popularly known as W-Cut Bags and 3D Bags for larger shopping top the list.

They are followed by Seedling/Planting Bags which are majorly ordered by Government Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) focusing on environmental conservation. Others are Individuals in Seedling Planting Business and institutions participating in CSR events to conserve the environment.

Others items in the Best Seller category include the Laundry Bags, Shoe Bags, Newspaper bags and Wine Bags. They are mostly custom made for organizations such as Boutique, Hotels, Guest Houses, Wines ans Spirits Shops, Fashion Stores and other corporate as Gift Bags.

Best Seller

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Grocery Bags (Khaki Paper Bags) (30Kg Bale)


Grocery Bags (Khaki Paper Bags) are the most used environment-friendly packaging solution in nearly all type of retail stores.
They are used in nearly all industry types; from the hospitality, grocery stores, Supermarkets, Health sector, Grocery Stores and retail outlets among other sectors.

They can be used to package goods weighing 0.25kg to 12kg depending on size. For now we have size 1 and size 2 in stock.

Packaged in bales of 30kgs, the number of pieces per Kg is dependent on the size of the grocery bags ordered.

Non_woven Carrier Bags #22 Kenya SuppliersNon_woven Carrier Bags #22 Kenya Suppliers

Non-Woven Bags #22 (1000pcs)


Non-Woven Bags W-Cut #22 (35gsm – local) is the most common non-woven carrier bags in our shops, supermarkets, bookshops, open-air market and all other retail outlets in Kenya.

Different colors available: Green, Red, White, Pink, Blue, Orange, and Maroon among others.

Grammage: 60gsm

Packaging: In a bale of 1000pcs. A bale has 20 packets each of 50pcs. Well packaged for resellers and supermarkets.


Packing Grocery Nets 250m Rolls


Packing grocery net rolls are now available, 250m at Kes 2000 with 5% discount if you order 10 or more rolls. They are more cost saving since you cut small custom sizes based on the need or you can sell to retail/grocery stores in small pieces.

Various colors available.

The grocery nets are used in supermarkets, retails stores, grocery stores (mama mboga) and other outlets to package fruits, vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots and other items.


Pp Woven Bags (Sacks/Gunia Carrier Shopping Bags KenyaPp Woven Bags (Sacks/Gunia Carrier Shopping Bags Kenya

PP Woven Carrier Bags – Gunia (Shoppings Sacks) V24


They are environment-friendly, very strong, colorful, large and side gusseted to carry more shopping.

They are very durable, reusable and the best carrier bags you can get for your shopping.

They come in two sizes, Medium Size V24, and large Size V30. Wholesale only,  packaged in bundles of 50pcs each.

Locally referred to as Gunia’s or shopping sacks.

They are NEMA Approved.

We deliver countrywide with the use of courier services.

Order V24, in bundles of 50pcs each pack.

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